This creeping perennial has stolons and rhizomes with above and below ground runners. It is a vigorous, light green grass with flattened culms and takes root from its lower nodes. Kikuyu has a high wearability especially when grown in full sun and good ability to recuperate. It has a high thatching tendency and is quick to establish.

Kikuyu originated in the East African highlands. Its common name was derived in 1903 from the Kikuyu people of Kenya, who traditionally lived east of the Aberdare Mountains, where the grass thrives. Kikuyu was introduced to Australia by seed in 1919 and then propagated vegetatively for more than 50 years.

Kikuyu does not particularly like saline soils, but grows well on any well-drained fertile soil. It has a wide adaptability but does prefer moist, medium textured soils. Kikuyu is usually intolerant of shade.  This variety has high cold and frost tolerance and a strong resistance to disease and weeds.

Kikuyu will hold colour well in most conditions. It makes an especially good lawn on large areas and is one of the most economical turfs. Commonly used domestically and commercially.

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