Step 6 - Fertilising and Maintenance follow Up

Fertilisers and lawn care products

Once your lawn is established a general rule is to fertilise 4-5 times each year Note: All fertilisers must be applied evenly to dry lawn and then irrigated thoroughly.

For leaf greenness a nitrogen-based fertiliser is used. It is common practice to mow you lawn lower prior to springtime fertilising. If the ground is uneven it is advisable to top dress (with a loam to match what has been used previously) and mow your lawn in the opposite direction. This will alleviate any irregular bumps. Your lawn will smother if loam is applied to heavy (one tonne per 100m2 is ample), brush to expose the leaf blade.

Suggested fertilising programme:

From April through to August & September through to March - Baileys Brilliance or Sir Walter Fertiliser

Thatch Control:

All warm-season or running grasses develop over a period of time what is known as thatch - this is a mixture of dead and decaying root and shoot tissue. A small to medium amount of thatch in a lawn is beneficial to it's well being (less evaporation, better water retention, increased tolerance to wear and tear). However, where the accumulation of thatch reaches a point to impede water, air and fertiliser, then corrective measures must be adopted.

On Couch and Kikuyu, scarifying every two or three years will rid the lawn of excess thatch and make for a healthier, less spongy, better looking turf. This can be accomplished by vigorous slicing through the turf with a scarifying rake, or contractors can carry out the necessary work by machine. After scarifying, the debris should be collected and then the lawn can be fertilised and well watered. Scarifying is best carried out in November or December.

* This information should be used as a guide only. Varying weather and soil conditions should be individually assessed.

Fertiliser Starter Pack Specials

Blend the two products together and broadcast evenly over prepared loam just before laying.
Encourages the lawn to establish quicker, stops dry spots & eliminates run off.

2.5kg Superstart Lawn Starter & 2.5kg Weta-Lawn - for 25m2 - $ 19.15

5kg Superstart Lawn Starter & 2.5kg Weta-Lawn - for 50m2 - $ 24.35

10kg Superstart Lawn Starter & 10kg Weta-Lawn - for 100m2 - $ 46.95

20kg Superstart Lawn Starter & 10kg Weta-Lawn - for 200m2 - $ 61.35

Or the all in one starter fertiliser with water storage crystals;

Sir Walter Launcher 3kg (covers 100m2) - $ 32.10

Maintenance Fertiliser

Baileys Brilliance 20kg, (covers 600m2) - $ 43.30
Perfect slow release all year round fertilizer.

Or Sir Walter Fertiliser 4kg, (covers 160-200m2) - $22.80
For beautiful, strong lawns, fertilise 4 times a year. Add wetting agents annually.

Metropolitan Courier fee per 20kg - $ 7.70

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