Antex GranulesAntex Granules

Available in 500gm and 3kg
Active Constituent: 30g/kg Chlorpyrifos, an anticholinesterase
To control ants in the lawn, garden and outdoor areas.

Keep out of reach of children

Read safety direction before opening or using

Directions for use:

Situation Pest States How to apply

Fences, Garden Beds, Garden Paths, Rockeries.

Ants ACT, NT, Qld, SA, Vic, WA. Sprinkle granules directly into nests if possible. Sprinkle lightly around ant track or in other infested areas.
Garden Beds, Lawns Ants ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, SA, Vic, WA. Sprinkle granules evenly over the area to be treated. Apply by using a spreader or mix with fertiliser or top dressing. Treat whenever pests are active. Water well.

Not to be used for any purpose or in any manner contrary to this label unless authorised.

DO NOT use in areas for the preparation, storage and handling of food. Dangerous to fish. Do not allow chemical containers or chemical to get into drains, sewers, streams or ponds. Dangerous to bees.

Storage & Disposal: Store in the closed, original container in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. Do not store in direct sunlight. Dispose of empty containers by wrapping in paper, placing in plastic bag and putting in garbage.

Safety Directions: Harmful if swallowed. May irritate the eyes and skin. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Repeated minor exposure may have a cumulative poisoning effect. DO NOT inhale dust. When using the product wear rubber gloves. Wash hands after use. After each days use, wash gloves.

First Aid: If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre hot line (Phone: 131126).

Warranty: The use of this material being beyond the control of the manufacturer or distributor, no warranty as to its effects is given or implied.

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3kg 9310299266317 19310299266314

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